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Helping Teams THRIVE Through Open Communication


I get it! The workplace has changed a lot since 1960 (back when I first got started!) Life in the 21st century is a whole different world.

Going from using a copy machine and a chalkboard as a teacher in the 60’s, to working within a global cyber security company with diversity of culture, generations, and management styles, I’ve seen it all!

There’s no going back to ways of the past. Change is a way of life. We must constantly challenge ourselves on new ways of thinking, of doing things, and of contributing to our organizations and society.

With more communication devices and approaches at our fingertips than ever before, it still boils down to how we communicate face-to-face, one-on-one and with our teams.

As the voice of experience, I have been called in to facilitate serious team problems that, if not solved, would mean billions of dollars in revenue lost. The teams put the “stinky fish” on the table, addressed the issues, and solved the problems, saving the contract and working together like never before.

Maybe you are experiencing challenges communicating with folks from different cultures or generations. Maybe you are looking for new vision for your own life. Either way I would love to chat.

“No one brings more energy and vision to their work than Connie! I still utilize many of the skills I acquired during Connie’s leadership classes. What I enjoyed most was Connie’s positive attitude and commitment to making every session a learner focused experience, mixed in with a lot of good humor. 
I could always count on Connie’s coaching to help me tackle any challenge.”

Jean Burbank, Leader, AMS Sales Enablement at Veritas Technologies LLC

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